– working with urban treefall and reclaimed steel
New England, born and raised. Though I have lived in California for all of my adult life, I grew up on a farm at the edge of a woods in Massachusetts. You cannot take the New Englander out of me; it is a part of me. I’m determinedly independent, critically frugal, I don’t take myself too seriously, and yes, there’s the sarcasm. For 30 years I have been making portraits of people, real people, as a photographer for advertising and editorial clients worldwide. Along the way, I have pictured large sculptural pieces in my mind – pieces I never had the space to create.
Fast forward a few decades of city life, and I’m back living on a farm, this time in the Oakland hills. My 7000 square foot outdoor studio serves me well for photography clients, but when I started to carve under the shade of a 60 year old cedar, I was back home again, back in the woods of New England, back playing with trees. This play has led me to work off the page, off the screen – designing, shaping, and creating work in three dimensions. While I have always worked with composition and form, sculpting a story in space creates work that takes on a presence that is strikingly different from flat art.
We are currently working on a large scale metal sculpture that will also serve to collect water from fog.

2022 September - Silicon Valley Sculpture 2022
2022 April - Frederick Gunn School, Washington CT
2021 September - Silicon Valley Sculpture 2021
2022 October - Open studio
2021 October - Open studio
2020 October - Open studio
2019 September - Open studio

Brown University - BA, Psychology & Comparative Literature w/French
Rhode Island School of Design - Photography

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